How to Save Money in Your Business by Promoting a Healthier Workforce


Did you know each year that poor nutrition cost businesses over $40 billion in medical cost and lost productivity?

Poor nutrition is a contributing factor in: heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, breathing difficulties, joint pain, back problems, cancer and a number of other chronic diseases.

Did you know many insurers base their premium rates off of the Body Mass Index (BMI) of individuals? This is because people that are considered to be in the overweight or obese BMI categories are more likely to suffer from the complications listed above.

People who are considered obese spend 77% more on medications than non-obese employees, and 72% of those medical claims are for conditions that are preventable.

Good News! There's Something You Can Do About It.

Workplaces who invested in a workplace health promotion program returned an average of $3.93 for every $1 invested.

How did they do this?

Reduction in sick leave absenteeism


Reduction in workers’ compensation and disability management cost claims.


Reduction in health care cost

Key Strategies

  • Provide incentives to join health clubs.
  • Sponsor a company fitness challenge.
  • Support lunchtime walking/running groups or company sports teams.
  • Allow flexible schedules to make it easier for employees to exercise during the day.
  • Offer health plans with fitness discounts or rebates, and remind employees of the benefit.
  • Promoting healthy foods in cafeterias, vending machines, break rooms, and company meetings.
  • Provide meeting space and support for weight loss groups.

How Can 406 Nutrition Help?

Help educate your employees on the importance of balanced nutrition and the role it plays in weight loss and overall health.

Provide FREE, on site, wellness profiles for you and your employees.

Recommend scientifically formulated products and programs to help your employees achieve their weight loss and health goals.

The best part?
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