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We'll help you at every step of your fitness journey, providing you with a convenient weight loss dietary plan and a fat-burning program that completely transforms the way you look and feel.

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Are you fed up with ineffective weight loss programs in Encino that promise weight loss yet fail to deliver any noticeable results? My Health Guy aims to provide you with a healthy lifestyle and dietary plan for weight loss that will transform you in no time.

We're not just another “fat diet plan” that uses crazy crash diets, supplements, or get-fit-quick schemes. Our goal is to help you achieve a complete healthy lifestyle through exercise, a dietary plan, and a weight loss management plan.

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Wellness Profile

This is a free in-depth 1 on 1 conversation with your wellness expert, regarding your eating, fitness, and daily habits.

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Weight Loss Challenge

Lose weight, build muscle and gain confidence! We host weight loss challenges to help you reach your goals.

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Nutritional Shakes

Healthy Meal Replacement On-the-Go! Boost your metabolism with our nutritional shake recipes.

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How Our Fitness Trainer Creates a Wellness Plan For You
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Fitness Trainer for Weight Loss Management in Encino

Wellness Profile: Based on the information you have provided, we begin by evaluating your daily eating, fitness, and sleep routines. We'll figure out what you are doing right and what areas needs improvement. Our wellness profile also carries your vital information; body mass, body fat percentage, visceral fat, muscle mass, bone mass, etc.

Healthy Lifestyle Plan: Based on the information you have provided, our healthy lifestyle plan is crafted by our Health Coach to help you reach your fitness goals. It includes all the right steps that lead to a healthier lifestyle as our experience and your hard work will be the perfect partners on your fitness journey.

Healthy Lifestyle Tracking: We know that temptations will be there to divert your mind away from reaching your goals. That is why our staff will be there with you in Encino to motivate you to keep going until your goal is achieved.

Dave / Santa Barbara

A thousand thanks to my new life coach. As a young senior I have through many diet programs. I have never had a program that has worked as well as Herbalife. Gradual loss of body fat and enjoying the taste of the product. Thanks again, John


John “My Health Guy” was able to make getting a nutrition plan fun and simple! It was well within my budget and time constraints. I look forward to getting my health results with him.

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